FAQ Frequently asked questions

Q: I am wondering about sizing on these bracelets. When it asks for the length you'd like, is this measured from snap to snap or from the end of the bracelet to the other end?
A: I always measure the useful length of the bracelets. That is, when the bracelet has snap closures, I measure the distance between the centers of the snaps. Those with buckles, from the middle hole to the point the hole meets the prong, so that you will have 2 holes more or less to adjust. For these, you usually need about 1/2-3/4 inch longer size than your wrist circumference. For the 2 inch wide bracelets, you will need to add 3/4 to 1 inch. Those with tie lace closure, will be measured end-to-end. For those you will need the same size as your wrist circumference. That's how there will be a little gap between the ends. It also depends on the thickness of the leather and the width of the bracelet. Also, whether you like a close fit or a loose fit.

Q: I have never ordered off of the internet. Do you have a phone number or address that I can send my order to with a check? I wouldn't mind ordering off of the phone with a Visa, if this would be an option.
A: My address and phone number are listed at the About page. I can not accept orders through the phone, only through my website. Actually, it is more secure to order on the website. Then I will never get your card number. While when you are giving someone your card number on the phone, they may misuse your number. If you still would not like to use your creditcard, I do accept cash payment sent to me in the mail. Just email me your order. Sorry, no personal checks and money orders as it usually took me more time to go and line up in the bank than the order was worth. Not to mention some people sent me bad checks and the bank charged me $ 30 for that instead of giving me any money.

Q: Do you ship to the UK, Australia, Canada, Japan etc.?

A: Yes, and shipping is the same US$ 3.

Q: I have a store in Lagos, Nigeria. I want to order urgently 100 of your bracelets. Ship by DHL payment with (stolen) credit card.
A: No reply.

Q: Do you have a hwolesale catalog/ price list?

A: I'm sorry to say, but I do not offer wholesale quantities/prices.

Q: Can you ship to P.O. Box, APO address?

A: Yes. I always use the postal service not those expensive courier services.

Q: Can you custom-make leather bracelets, meaning make bracelets other than the ones shown here on your web site?
A: I may be able to make some different bracelets especially if you want something similar to those that you see on the website. Though I can only tell for sure if you explain me what you would like. You see, I don't make all of them myself. I buy some from other artisans and I make only those plain ones and the buckle bracelets myself. Also, If I would need to go shopping to find another type of leather or hardware/buckle for your order, it would probably take me more time than a few bracelets are worth.

Q: Can you ship overnight, next day, expedited, before the date....?
A: I'm shipping by the post (USPS) from Hungary, Europe. Any faster shipping method like UPS or Fedex would cost around $ 65 from here to the USA, so it has never been an option.

Q: I want to send a gift to my friend, who lives in Canada. Though, your shopping cart doesn't allow me to enter USA as my billing address and Canada as the shipping address. What should I do?
A: Select All other countries where it asks "Shipping to:" Since the shipping costs the same, the only difference is, that you can't select the state/province from a drop-down menu. Then you can enter your country as billing address and the recipient's country as shipping address.

Q: I want to order several items from your website, but as soon as I add the second item to the shopping cart, the first one disappears. What's wrong with the shopping cart?
A: You need to accept cookies from www.ccnow.com in order to add several items to the shopping cart. Look at your browser settings and select to accept cookies from www.ccnow.com .

Q: I added several items to the shopping cart, but my browser sais it is not secure. Shall I be concerned about ordering like that?
A: The shopping cart contains only product information, so it doesn't need to be secure. When you click on the "Pay & Finish" button, it will change to secure mode and you can enter your personal and credit card data.

Q: I did just that and it still sais not secure. What's wrong?

A: If you arrived to my website through a search engine, there may be a frame at the top of the page that shows the search box and a couple of other links. Click on "close frame" so that the frame disappears and only the shopping cart window appears on your screen. Then you may check your padlock again if it is secure.