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You will find here leather bracelets, wristbands, hair grips, barrettes, chokers and necklaces.

You can buy here several types of leather jewelry for women, men which you can order online directly from the web site.

Leather bracelets

leather bracelets These hand painted leather bracelets are probably the most unique pieces that I'm offering. They are available in any custom made size and you can choose snap or tie lace closure. They are hand made by a young master of folk arts. She also makes some very special braided bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Carved leather bracelets

Hand carved leather bracelets These leather bracelets are hand carved by my creative artist friends. As you see the hundreds of bracelets and the barrettes they made, you may notice that they rarely make identical pieces.

There are thousands of variations such as color, design, size and decoration, so it is almost impossible to put everything in every color and size on a web page. I hope, you will also agree that this makes our artwork unique and different from those factory made products.

Round braided leather bracelets

Braided leather bracelets These round braided leather bracelets are available in 4 or 8 strand plait, with the button and loop closure. They are also available with metal or silver tips and clasps as you see on the picture. Matching choker necklaces are also available.

Plain leather bracelets

Plain leather bracelets Since many of my customers were looking for plain leather bracelets and wristbands, I started making some myself. They are available with snap closure, brass ball closure, some with buckles and also with tie lace. These leather bracelets will be custom made for your size. Some wide leather cuffs are decorated with hand stitching or studs. Some of them can be personalized with embossed or laser engraved initials or name.

Leather bracelets with dichroic glass

leather bracelets with dichroic glass

Leather barrettes

Leather barrettes You may find here some carved, braided and hand painted hair slides. I have also got some French type barrettes and some extra wide barrettes too for those who have thick and curly hair.

Leather necklaces

Leather necklaces You can find here many different plain or braided leather necklaces, necklets and chokers too. Some have leather pendants with enamel decoration, others have some metal or silver crosses and peace signs. You may find here plain leather necklaces without pendants too.

Leather rings

Leather rings You can find here leather rings, leather wedding bands with or without enamel decoration.

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